Praises for Master Tony

Praises for Master Tony

Please leave your comments in the space below if you like to thank Master Tony Chew or if you like to share your experiences about how he has helped you. Please allow us some time to review and approve your comments


  1. Every time I meet Master Tony, I will come out of the meeting feeling joyful and refreshed, and when I see the smiling faces of others after they have met him, I could tell that they felt the same way too. It is as if Master Tony is a reservoir of energy which he shares freely with everyone who visits him.

    I recommended him to a few of my friends and they described him as a loving soul and a beautiful man. I totally agree with those descriptions.

    He told me a few things about my future which had actually happened. His ability to foretell someone’s future, impressive as it is, is secondary to his ability to draw others onto the spiritual path. Many who came to him for help eventually embarked on their Buddhist practices under Master Tony’s guidance. Master Tony helped us with our personal problems but the greatest gift he gave us is the spiritual practices he shared with us.


  2. They say that the best way to assess a Master is to look at his disciples. One just need to observe the actions of Master Tony Chew’s senior disciples to know that he is a Great Saint.

    Right after work, most of his senior disciples will go straight to the homes or business premises of others in need of help or to hospitals to chant the Mantra taught by Master Tony (“OM AMI DEWA SAY”) in order to help solve or at least reduce the problems faced by those they are helping. They will then go to the Pu Xian Center at around 10.30pm to meet the Master and to continue chanting the mantra for the sake of all beings. They will stay behind until the Master finishes meeting everyone who is seeking his help; which usually ends around 2.30am the next morning. After that, they will again visit the homes of those seeking help to chant the mantra for their sakes. If we do our maths, we will see that they only sleep about 4 to 5 hours each day. All of their free time is used for the sake of helping others.

    For the Master to have disciples with such compassion, he must be even greater. His ability to inspire his disciples to put in all their effort into helping others is truly astounding. I have heard many stories about the Master inspiring people with bad habits or ‘occupations’ to turn over a new leaf and become Boddhisatvas – a Buddhist term used to describe those who devote their life towards helping others achieve enlightenment.

    All his senior disciples have totally surrendered to him and trust him totally. They will not question any advise given by the Master because they trust in his wisdom. To find a Master whom One can totally trust and surrender to is truly a blessing. It is perhaps the greatest gift that one can get. Imagine the Master telling you that everything will be alright and you totally believe that is true; there will not be any need to worry at all. A Senior Disciple told me that his life has been very smooth ever since he met Master Tony, My guess is that all his problems appeared small because of his total trust in his Master.

    I have heard many real accounts of the miracles performed by Master Tony. It is not my right to share them here without their permission; I will leave it to them to share their experiences in this website. I hope they do.

    May all being in need of help have the opportunity to meet Master Tony. OM AMI DEWA SAY!



    A small shop lot in the MPL building is always packed after lunch up till about five in the evening. I have always been curious why this is so but I did not bother to investigate further. One day, while having my lunch in a vegetarian restaurant nearby the shop lot, one of the workers there mentioned about ‘the Master’.
    “Who is this master you mentioned?” I asked.

    With a surprised look on his face, the worker responded, “You have not heard of him?”

    When I confirmed that I have not he said, “When he was younger, the Master went to train in Thailand under Buddhist monks. He developed the ability to look into the past lives and future of others and is now using that ability to serve humanity. In the morning, he will assist police officers with criminal and missing person cases. He only comes in after lunch. He has helped people who were terminally ill or disturbed by spirits”.

    Referring to the use of his abilities to help with criminal cases, I responded, “It must be a very heaven burden to do this type of work”.

    “He just wants to protect the youngsters from the clutches of crime. He needs very little sleeps. After his efforts here, he will go to the Puxian Buddhist centre and continue his work there, sometimes up to 4am in the morning. There are even more devotees there. I will help him too. I have been with him for more than 20 years”.
    He then took out a picture of the Master from his wallet. The picture was taken by another devotee. In the picture, a white shape of a Buddha could be seen around the Master’s body as if the aura was mimicking the Master’s movements.
    On the same day, I joined in the queue to meet the Master. He had a kind smile on his face and appeared regal. I spent just a few minutes with him but left his presence feeling very joyful.

    I recommend a friend, Karen (not her real name) to see the Master and her experience was extraordinary. Normally, one has to queue for one or two hours before getting the chance to meet him. However, she was very surprised when the Master called out her name because she has never met him before. There is no way that the Master could have known her name. Prior to meeting the Master, she had her ancient Nadi Leaf read and what the Master told her was consistent with the Nadi leaf. The Nadi leaves are said to be prepared by the ancient Siddhas centuries ago in anticipation that the relevant person will eventually come looking for it.

    A few days later, I visited my Brother at a condominium in Taman Desa and saw some of Master Tony Chew’s devotees. I could recognise them by the shirt they were wearing which carried the mantra ‘OM AMI DEWA SEY”; a mantra related to the Amitabha Buddha and the Medicine Buddha. The next day, I visited the vegetarian restaurant and asked the same worker about it.

    He explained that they were there to help a devotee whose house was being disturbed by a spirit. They went there to pray for the spirit so that it could forgive the devotee for whatever wrong she had done and to be reborn in a higher plane. Master Tony Chew will never use force to remove a spirit because he works through compassion. Eventually, the spirit will recognise that the Master and his devotees are actually trying to help it and depart on its own free will. He stressed, “We use the power of compassion that comes from our group and do not use any kind of force”.

    I agree with this approach because even if the spirit is successfully forced away, it may return or leave to harm someone else. It is a better approach to help the victim indirectly by helping the spirit that is disturbing him.
    A few years ago, a local television station made a documentary on Master Tony Chew. In the documentary, a devotee shared the story that she was possessed by some animal spirits that she killed as a hunter in her previous life. When possessed, she was so strong that even seven strong men could not control her. Through the help of the Master and his devotees, she was eventually freed from those spirits.

    In the show, a father told the story of a problem with his son who could not speak. The doctors could not diagnose the problem and so the father turned to Master Tony Chew and his group of devotees for help. Eventually, his son learnt to speak. There are many other stories shared by the devotees in the documentary.

    I am writing this article not as an endorsement of Master Tony Chew because I have only met him recently. I want to share this information with the readers so that they can decide from themselves if they need the Master’s help for any major problem that they are currently facing. I often say that the best way to evaluate a Master is to look has his disciple. The worker who has been with him for more than 20 years appears to me as a kind and gentle soul. Perhaps this is a reflection of the compassion of Master Tony Chew.


    The Dalai Lama said that we suffer because we take the Self as the most important person; our selfishness is the cause of all our suffering. I do not need to ‘believe’ this statement because I can observe this truth in real life. I have noticed many times that One who treats himself as a VIP tend to be unhappy and needs to put in a lot of effort to appear happy. However, he tends to be easily annoyed by any perceived mistreatment or ‘disrespect’ by others. If he does not get annoyed, he adopts the victim mentality and thinks that the whole world is against him. He is easily offended when others talk negatively about him and becomes overly self-conscious.

    On the other hand, a bodhisattva focuses his attention on others instead of himself and as such, is able to remain at peace while serving others. He directs his mental energy towards helping others instead of complaining about the world.
    Giving too much importance to ourselves brings a lot of unnecessary mental suffering. We will always be complaining about the world and can never find contentment. When we start helping others, we begin to see the good things that we have; this generates the feeling of gratitude and contentment within us.

    One example of a person who helps others selflessly and derives happiness from it is Robin, a disciple of Master Tony Chew (see Appendix). It can be very inspiring to meet or hear about compassionate beings who serve others selflessly and that is why I am sharing his story in this article.

    Robin has been devoting his life to serving Master Tony for more than twenty years. His typical day involves going to help out in a fellow disciple’s vegetarian restaurant. After closing, he will rest a while and then proceed to conduct prayer sessions, together with a group of other devotees, by chanting ‘OM AMI DEWA SAY’ at homes of other followers who need help. If the follower is hospitalized, he will visit them at the hospital. After that, he usually gets back to the Pu Xian Centre in Jalan Ipoh Kecil at around half past ten in the evening where he will lead the chanting of the mantra for at least an hour for the sake of world peace and healing. He will then stay there to help out until the Master meets all his followers; which usually end around half past two the next morning. After that, he will conduct further prayer sessions at the homes of other followers who have serious problems. He usually gets back home after four in the morning. He will sleep for about four hours and then get to work at the vegetarian restaurant again. He does this every day!

    Despite the long hours of helping others, he always appears energetic and ready to help. He is truly a great example of how selflessness can lead to inner-peace and happiness. May all beings have the opportunity to meet with and be inspired by someone like this kind being.

    A few years back at the Pu Xian Center, a person noticed that the lips of the buddha statues were moving as if they were reciting some mantras. Some others could see it too while many others could not. He then took out his handphone and recorded the Buddha statue and surprisingly, the phenomenon could be captured on video! Below is the link to the video of this rare event –

  6. Master Tony gives me strength, hopes and inspirations that are really inexplicable. He makes me keep praying and holding on to my dreams to the beautiful future that He sees in me and according to Him, it will happen. Master Tony also advised me about my past lives, what I was, what I did specifically… that I believe it all made me in my present life – this is called “karma”. I believe in Him and I want to believe in Him for He is the only single person in this world who gives me hopes and tells me about my future that I longed for. I wish that will happen. Master Tony assures me many times that it will happen and he always say “don’t worry”. 10 years ago while I was still a university student, he told me certain things, and some of them have indeed happened. Looking back about the things he advised me, I really should not have worried at all. I guess great things really come to those who wait…and Master Tony said “patience is virtue”. I am now a professional and I’ve been going to Master Tony of and on for the past 10 years. I am patiently and anxiously waiting for “that day” to come so that the beautiful future that he paints for me will emerge. While I was quite upset last July, I asked Master with endearing desperation about why I am still waiting… the wait is really long… and is there anything that I could do to speed up the ‘process’? He said “just come for the chanting, I will help you, try not to miss the chanting”. (the special Sunday chanting is hosted by the Master) Since then, I have been religiously coming for the chanting every Sunday with my mom, unless we really couldn’t make it. The more I chant, I could feel the positivity and I am now a much calmer with more patience. Master Tony also kindly handed me some spiritual, priceless gifts and little Buddha statues. He told me to also chant at home if I could not come on the Sunday chanting session…I was told by His disciples and devotees about his ability and many real life stories and miracles, which I am not able to share here without their permissions. One really has to meet Master Tony and they will understand… 🙂

  7. In my previous home, I had a neighbor whose young daughter used to come home in the wee hours of the morning. I thought that it may be dangerous for a young woman to come home alone so late as someone may attempt to rob her when she gets down from her car to open the gate to her house; there are many incidences in the paper about this.

    Fast forward five years later; I was surprised to meet this young woman at Master Tony Chew’s center and discovered that she often went home late (and still do) because she was at Master Tony’s center and she often joined the group chantings to help others in need after seeing Master Tony.

    For some reason, my old concern came back and I asked her, “Isn’t it a little dangerous for you to go home alone so late?”

    She smiled and replied, “Its ok, I am protected by Master Tony”. It was a simple answer but yet, I was had no arguments with that answer; no one else around the table could argue with that answer either.

    I thought to myself that this is the Blessing which Master Tony gives to his devotees; the inner confidence that we are all protected by his love and compassion and everything will be alright. And if we are faced with challenges, he will hold our hands and gently guide us through our troubles. That is all that anyone of us can ask for.

    A devotee said that Master Tony is like a father figure to everyone – even for those devotees who are much older than him. I agree with that. He has unconditional love and compassion for all of us and he has this uncanny ability to make everyone feel special and appreciated. That is what fathers do!

    Thank you Master!


  8. Dedication to Master Tony Chew

    It is better to have two strong legs than a sports car.
    It is better to return to a loving home than a big house.
    It is better to have healthy eyes than the opportunity to travel the world.
    It is better to be able to sleep well than have a big comfortable bed.
    It is better to be healthy than to sacrifice our health to earn money to set aside for future medical bills.
    It is better to have a Spiritual Master we can rely on than all the treasures in the world; A Spiritual Master can give us peace of mind; Worldly treasures can only guarantee craving, fear and worry.
    It would be heaven on earth if we can overcome our human conditioning of craving for more and worrying about losing what we already have.
    If we are willing to set aside this human conditioning for just one moment, we will realise that we have every reason to rejoice!

    Thank you Master Tony

  9. my Christian friend sent me a song, which she heard it in a Church in London. This song really played on my heart string, I cried listening to it. The lyrics are spot on – I’m like the child, and Master Tony is like the Father (pay attention to the lyrics)…. You may want to YouTube this beautiful song…. Let me dedicate this to those single ladies out there, who is like me, who is still awaiting her Prince Charming….


    彭:我的天父 可否讓我好好地談戀愛
    不再流淚 不再傷痛 不再聚合又要分開
    我的天父 我只想要安穩地找個人來愛

    王︰我的孩子 難道你忘記了我就是愛
    學懂愛我 學懂愛你自己,你就懂好好戀愛
    我的孩子 何不嘗試安靜地慢慢去等待

    王︰你是否願意相信 每時每刻都在我手裡 彭:願意相信
    王︰願意相信 彭:愛我的主 我願意相信 萬事萬物都在你手裡
    王︰我教你順服 我的旨意
    彭:請教我順服 你的旨意

  10. I have the honor of being introduced to Master Tony late last year by a good friend who have been his failtful follower. I am not a devoted person when it comes to religion but I have always practice a balance life being good in ways I can. Life have been not very good for last few years with business failing and work condition deteriorating. When I met Master Tony, he predicted what happened to me and told me of some good fortunes coming. He gave me some “fu” to burn at home to improves life in overall and I am slowly seeing things coming into perspective.

    He never stop smiling and is always so welcoming.


  11. The Greatest Comfort Master Si Fu you gave me was telling me that my Mum is with Amitabha Buddha, I felt my Dad is there too., otherwise Si Fu would not have had me pray differently from the way I pray my Mum for this ‘Cheng Beng’ – 2014 recently. May Si Fu ALWAYS BE HEALTHY so that we could learn and learn and practise and keep on practising hard to gain ENLIGHTENMENT so that we could repay Si Fu’s kindness and great compassion like AMITABHA BUDDHA, AVALOKITESVARA AND MAHASTHAMAPRAPTA BODHISATTVA AND ALL THE BUDDHAS, BODHISATTVAS, DEWAS AND DEWIS FROM THE TEN DIRECTIONS. SADHU, SADHU, SADHU.

  12. Master tony . Just now after you pray for and recommend me the fo pai . A keen buyer look for 100 units of house . You are really awesome ! Hopefully can close this bigs sales
    Om ami dewa sei

  13. Recently, an incident occurred to me that sunk me to one of the lowest points in my life. A particular individual had intentionally done something to me which was wrong, both criminally and morally. I reached out to various parties for help but most brushed me aside. They told me to just forget it and move along, that it was just one of the things in life that I had to accept that had happened and let it go.

    I went to the law for help but at the same time, I felt very desolate and down. The whole process of going to the law enforcement, following up on various legal avenues – it was very draining, both mentally and emotionally. I almost feel like losing hope. I didn’t want to just accept that the incident had happened and move along. How can I, when someone had deliberately and maliciously gone out to do something bad against me? How can I let him get away with it? It was very disheartening, especially when even my own family told me to just forget it and move on.

    I went to Master Tony to consult him on this. After meeting so many people who have been so negative about my persistence to pursue justice in this incident, it was so refreshing to meet Master Tony who smiled kindly at me and told me that all will be well. He said I just had to be patient and have faith and that he would help pray for me. Master Tony was very understanding and very patient with me.

    I held on to these words, which helped me push ahead. At times when the going seems tough and when I feel like I’m about to lose hope, I remembered what Master Tony has told me and that helped give me strength to not give up.

    As things turned out, the person who did me wrong was finally caught by the law and found guilty. I cannot begin to describe how relieved I am that justice was served. It was not easy, and it was a very long and slow journey. Had it not been for Master Tony, I would have given up a long time ago and the bad person would have gotten away with the crime.

    Thank you Master Tony for giving me faith and for helping me through one of the most difficult journeys in my life thus far. Words alone cannot express my gratitude for your kindness, patience and guidance.

  14. One of the admirable values in Master is that he is always very accepting, understanding and tolerant towards all people who come to see Him for help. It is as though a father treating his son patiently and guide him slowly in hope that he will be good and do good.

    Master is always smiling (smile that in close resemblance to laughing buddha’s from my observation) and possesses the compassion as big as ocean that extend to all sentient beings. A living buddha that helps everyone and treats everyone in equal, i guess that is one of the reasons that wins the heart of many who have been following Master and his teachings for decades!

    Wish that there’ll be more people have the affinity to get to see Master be it solving personal problems or embark on buddhism practice.

    To Master, thank you very much for providing a venue for cultivation and accumulate merits apart from helping one to eliminate past negative karma. May Master be blessed in great health and continue to guide sentient beings towards liberation. Om Ami Dewa Say.

  15. I was introduced to meet master tony in my previous job before I left . In my 1st meeting with him , it was unbelievable that there were so many people queuing up waiting to consult him. Both my colleague and I are curious in our first meeting as we got to know that he has helped tremendous people in all walks of life .
    In my 1st consultation with him, I have asked him for advice on the acceptance of my next job offer and he told me that the offer was ok and I would be fine .
    Soon after I have accepted the new offer in the new company , series of unexpected changes begin to occur in this new organization structure leaving me to be the only staff with such expertise left on as I was bonded in this new company for another year .

    My immediate boss who hired me has left for another role within the company ,all my co workers were being transferred out of the business unit ,some has resign and others were retrenched ! Being a newbie in the company for only 3 months old experiencing such organization change was a complete culture shock to me. I can’t stop thinking if my rice bowl in this new role will be affected.
    I return to consult master Tony for help to seek some guidance and he has comforted me that everything will be fine .
    Month on month , I am riding through the waves of change in this newly joined company , adapting with the political and power struggle within the organization to find my stand and grip at work for survival.
    Since I m the only staff left in the company that has such expertise, all projects and works relating to my expertise were thrown to me to drive this business with no one other team member in the company that can assist me .
    I was feeling so stress going to work everyday and down with the current work arrangement as there was no one I can turn to for help.
    I broke down to a lowest point in my career , that i m so lost for help.
    Master Tony ‘s words of encouragement and prayers has helped me to stand up and walk this path on my own. He was the only one who belief that I would make it and achieve excellent results in driving this business for the company when all my other colleagues and even my bosses cannot see the light for this new business segment to take off in the Malaysian on shore banking business.
    12 months later , I ve managed to turn around the whole business proposition and my pipelines in the project were getting senior management’s support and approval. Suddenly, I begin to feel and see the results of all my hardwork and effort that I have sowed in this company for the last 12 months. I began to feel that luck was in my side with things coming on my way . A team was build with me , my projects were obtaining senior management support and ultimately obtaining approval from the regulators and launching of the business . Sales pipelines from the floor was coming in strong , and the business did meet their budget during the financial year end as the business has picked up so quickly to outperform & covered the revenue for other business segments in meeting the year end budget . I can almost feel that I m now being transformed to be another more capable individual after going through all this tough moments that has sunk me .
    My working relationship with my bosses were rekindled , my support from my nasty colleagues / or ‘working enemies’ was within my control and most importantly , my trust, integrity & reputation that was earlier being ‘ killed’ in the initial stage of the political struggle was recovered.
    I was so thankful to master Tony for his kind words of encouragement and prayers to keep me going in tough times like this . I couldn’t have walk this path without him .
    I begin to understand his intentions and kind words for me during the past consultation , which have made me a better person, and created a different side in me for the betterment .
    This year my company has rewarded me for a promotion at work , strengthening my presence in the team and company . This has elevated my position and open more doors of opportunity for me to be exposed at the management level .
    There were other things master also share with me , which I belief that good things will come to those who have patience .
    I m felt so glad that I have a met master Tony as a mentor , as I do belief in fate .

    Thereafter I have introduced my other friends (non Buddhist) to see master Tony for help and guidance . They are very pleased that master has helped them to overcome their obstacles and challenges they have in their life .

    Om ami dewa say .

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