Ajahn Lintat

Ajahn Lintat

Ajahn Lintat was from Wat Thong which was situated near a mountain which can be accessed through a man-made tunnel through the mountain.

Ajahn Lintat used to chant with a lighted candle placed over a bottle of the water. The melted wax from the candle will flow into the bottle and collect in the water. The wax would harden into long stands of wax in the water which he would then collect and mold into squares with his hands. He then carved Buddha pendants out of the wax to be given away. Many Hong Kong movie stars and singers sought after these wax pendants.

It was believed that the pendants could make a person’s wishes come true. There was a cameraman who thought that this was superstition. Ajahn Lintat showed him the process of making the Buddha pendant and then gave him one. On the same day, he received a contract from a big movie company which he had long been aiming for and he became very successful.

In another story, a film director received a pendant from Ajahn Lintat and when he returned home, he received a call from an organization for an interview. The director applied to the organization for a position a few months ago. The night which the film director received the pendant, the owner of the organization had a dream about the film director and remembered about his application. Needless to say, the film director got the job.

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