Ajahn Mun and Ajahn Chah

Ajahn Mun

There was once a very wealthy man who came to Ajahn Mun for help with Feng Shui matters. Ajahn Mun obliged and went back to the city with him. The city was very noisy with many vehicles and people rushing about. Despite the noise, Ajahn Mun told the rich man that he could hear the sound of a grasshopper. The rich man laughed and explained to Ajahn Mun that there were no grasshoppers in the city. Ajahn Man walked towards a flower pot and the rich man followed him. Ajahn Man then pointed out to the rich man the grasshopper which was hiding in the flower pot.

The rich man was very surprised and complimented Ajahn Mun for his excellent hearing. Ajahn Mun dismissed the praise and commented that the city dwellers also had excellent hearing. To proof his point, he took a coin and dropped in on the ground. Immediately, everyone in the area started looking towards the sound of the coin hitting the ground.

Ajahn Mun highlighted to the rich man that the city people are only after money. They do not care about the environment. He asked the rich man to be environmentally conscious and to take care of the environment. Even then, Ajahn Mun already predicted that global warming would be a huge problem. The melting of the polar ice caps would release new diseases into the environment which could seriously threaten mankind. Even now, new diseases are appearing every day.

Ajahn Chah

Ajahn Chah was born in 1918 and passed away in 1992. He was a disciple of Ajahn Mun. Ajahn Chah had many famous western disciples such as Ajahn Brahmavamso and Ajahn Sumedho. Ajahn Chah was an excellent teacher and he often used nature to explain the Dharma. He once said that if our body belongs to us, we should be able to tell a stomach pain to go away when we are suffering from it. Because we cannot, our body does not belong to us.

Ajahn Chah could not walk or talk in the last 10 years of his life. Master Tony Chew explained that Ajahn Chah was a soldier in his previous life who fought in a war against the Burmese army and therefore accumulated a lot of killing karma. However, he also had the opportunity to meet an arahant and this was the seed that caused him to practice Buddhism in the current life.

Ajahn Chah was not fated to meet Ajahn Mun so early in his life. However, he was very persistent and kept on searching for Ajahn Mun. Finally, Ajahn Mun could no longer avoid him and they finally met ten years too soon. Therefore, Ajahn Chah could not eradicate all his killing karma before meeting Ajahn Mun and they manifested as severe illnesses towards the end of Ajahn Chah’s life.

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