God of Fortune

God of FortuneTagoda lived as a hawker who sold cakes. He was a giant of a man, highly intelligent and loved to listen to the Buddha Dharma. He practiced very hard and eventually became an arhant.

One day, while sitting under a tree and selling his cakes, some tigers came out from the jungle. Surprisingly, he was unafraid and fed them his cakes! After eating the cakes, the tigers went off.

The following day, the tigers came back with more friends and Tagoda fed all of them. This went on for a while. His cakes were very delicious and the all the tigers became fat under his care.

One day, he followed the tigers to their home and discovered that they lived in a cave filled with gold, jewels and other precious items. The treasure was hidden there long ago by a king who was under attack by a neighboring kingdom. The tigers have been protecting the treasure for many years.

Tagoda used the treasure to help and feed the people. To his surprise, no matter how much gold he used, the treasure never diminished. Because of his charitable acts, he eventually became known as the God of Fortune (Choy Sun Yeh).

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