Luang Phor Doem

DoemBefore he joined the temple, many of the monks were carrying out wrong practices and giving wrong teachings to the followers. The monks used to give tattoos to the disciples at very high prices, around RM2,000 per head. Many people came from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to get tattoos. The monks also sold skeletons and fetus dug up from graves. The monks made millions and portrayed Buddhism in a negative light.

Luang Phor Doem chased away all these monks from the temple and changed the practices. He gave the disciples candles, pendant, images of Luang Phor Thot and talismans, and taught them sutras and mudras. He distributed more than two million candles to his followers. These practices were very effective and many followers had their wishes fulfilled. Even handicapped people were cured.

Many of his followers dreamt about him. One follower dreamt that he was meditating and even though there was a power breakdown, the temple was still bright; this meant that his Dharma shone brightly and he had the power to enlighten others.

He taught his followers to say only those things that they can do, that is, to keep their word. This way, others will trust them. He advised them to sacrifice for the sake of the Dharma and do things in a peaceful manner.

He passed away at the age of 91 (1860 to 1961) and left over 200 relics after his cremation.

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