Luang Phor Sar (Sao), Wat Naga

Luang Phor Sar

Luang Phor Sar of War Naga was Ajahn Mun’s master. He was a very compassionate being and Master Tony Chew learnt meditation from him.

A dragon lived in the river beside the temple. One day, the dragon was injured and over 5,000 monks tried to lift the dragon out of the river but were unsuccessful. Luang Phor Sar then prayed over the dragon and it became small. He then brought the dragon into the temple and took care of it until it could fly off.

Once he gave a talk to over thirty thousand monks without any microphone. Everyone one there could hear him loud and clear because he had a sharp voice.

Luang Phor Sar lived until he was 95 years old.

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