Luang Phor Shout

Luang Phor Shout was from Wat Pat Rai, the same temple as Luang Phor Koon. He was older and came before Luang Phor Koon.
Before becoming a monk, he was a generous millionaire who did many charitable deeds. He gave freely to orphanages and hospitals. After he learnt meditation, he began to let go of his attachments. He even tested himself at a brothel. He paid a very attractive prostitute to talk to him and seduce him. He did not feel any sexual attraction and even came to the conclusion that there is nothing special about the opposite sex.

After this experience, he managed to go into a very deep meditation and travel back 500 years in time. He met an arahant named Pindola Bharavaja who was a contemporary of the Buddha. Pindola taught him to let go of anger. When provoked he should not react or even harbor any anger towards the other person. Instead, he should only entertain loving thoughts and have compassion towards them for being ignorant. Pindola also advised him to not allow anything to affect his inner peace; even if he gets sick or his properties are destroyed by flood or fire. Only by practicing this way can he become an arahant.

When he came out of his meditation, his body glowed and he felt warm. He felt like he only meditated for an hour but when he checked, he was actually in a meditative trance for eight days.

At the temple, lizards will come to him whenever he prayed. He would preach the Dharma to them. After the sermon, the lizards would pass away and be reborn in the Pure Land.

As a monk, he continued to do a lot of charity. He raised funds in big cities to take care of orphans, the elderly and the sickly in hospitals. Because of his efforts, Luang Phor Shout is now remembered for his efforts to help those in need.

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