Luang Phor Thuat (Part 2)

Luang Phor Thuat

Luang Phor Thuat was born in 1582 and was the foremost in accumulating merits. Master Tony Chew often gave statues of Luang Phor Thuat to his disciples so that they could share in the merits of this great monk. He was famous for his generosity and his beautiful eyes which radiated love and compassion. With compassion and loving kindness, he managed to convince many gangsters to leave the life of crime and practice Buddhism. This way, he helped not only the gangsters, but also those people who could have suffered in the hands of those gangsters.

Below are some of the stories of Luang Phor Thuat:


Helped by a dragon

Luang Phor Thuat was once given a task to send some precious offerings to Myanmar. He travelled there by boat but in the middle of the journey, the boat encountered a fierce thunderstorm which threatened to capsize the boat and drown all its passengers. Luang Phor Thuat started chanting and a huge dragon appeared from the ocean. Miraculously, the dragon managed to calm the sea and the boat arrived safely at its destination.


Making sea water drinkable

Luang Phor Thuat was once on a long sea voyage. In the middle of the ocean, the crew discovered that the ship had run out of drinking water and there was still a long way to travel. The passengers were very thirsty and suffered from dehydration. Luang Phor Thuat filled some bowls with sea water and started chanting over them. After that, to the delight of all the passengers, the water became drinkable and everyone was saved.


Village struck by disease

Once there was a village which was struck by an epidemic which causes severe skin diseases and even blindness. Luang Phor Thuat heard about this and immediately went to the village. When he arrived, he was deeply saddened by the sight by a young girl who had been starving for seven days and had pimples all over her face and body. There were already over three hundred dead bodies in the village. The epidemic was spreading because the dead bodies were not properly disposed of. He asked the villagers what they intended to do with the dead bodies. Because they did not have any funds, they intended to just throw the bodies into the river. Knowing that this would only spread the disease to the villages downstream, Luang Phor Thuat convinced them not to do so and he promised to return the next day with money to properly dispose the bodies.

Miraculously, he walked for 1,600 miles within one day to bring sufficient funds to the village so that proper funerals could be carried out for those who had died. All the bodies were cremated and the diseased was stopped from spreading.


Buried treasure

At one time, Luang Phor Thuat was staying in Wat Pat Kok when his disciples reported to him that there appeared to be an earthquake happening by the riverside. He accompanied the disciple to the location to investigate. When he arrived, he told the disciples present that there were gold buried there by their ancestors. Long ago, the city there was struck by an epidemic and the remaining survivors buried all the gold belonging to the city dwellers in that location.

The heat caused the gold to expand and this in turn created some vibrations which caused the earth to move. The disciples dug into the ground and true enough, they found about $300 billion worth of gold there. As instructed by Luang Phor Thuat, the gold was used to rebuild the city in the location. The disciples built a Buddha statue with some of the gold and presented it to Luang Phor Thuat. Over time, the statue became very life like and even appeared to be chanting mantras!

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