Luang Phor Thuat

Luang Phor Thuat

Once upon a time, an old monk was passing by a village late at night and passed by a house belonging to a beautiful widow in her thirties. Seeing the monk, the widow invited him into her house for some hot tea.

After taking the hot beverage, the monk invited the young lady to pray together with him. As they did so, the house became brighter and brighter. During the session, two handsome angels appeared to pay respects and make offerings of fruits to the old monk. The angels appeared six feet tall but they were actually 200 feet in height.

The next morning, a young monk saw the old monk coming out of the house of the beautiful woman. Later, he started spreading rumors that the old man had a sexual relationship with the widow. The old monk communicated telepathically with the young monk and asked him not to spread rumors without carefully checking the facts and getting evidence. Despite this, the young monk continued to spread rumors and again, the old monk tried to advise him telepathically. However, the young moLuang Phor Thuadnk did not stop.

One night the young monk had a dream of the Buddha meditating with his eyes closed. The Buddha opened his eyes briefly and told the young man to repent and then closed his eyes again. When he awoke, his body was covered with rashes. He fell down while trying to get up and fractured his body all over the place. He had the appearance of a devil.

The compassionate old monk visited the young monk to help him. The old monk explained to him that the karma of spreading the false rumor has now taken effect. The old monk prayed over a glass of water for more than an hour and then sprinkled the water over the body of the young monk. The rashes disappeared. The young monk became the disciple of the old monk and eventually achieved arhantship after 30 years. The old monk was Luang Phor Thuat and the young monk was Luang Phor Sai.

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