Luang Phor Toll, Wat Traimit

Luang Phor TollLuang Phor Toll went into Vajyarana, Zen, Theravadan and Mahayana Buddhism. He also learnt to use mudras. He was from Wat Traimit, where the Buddha Statue made of pure gold is kept.

He could meditate for three to five days without food and water. Whenever, he does chanting, the candles in the area will become very bright. Once, Matreiya Buddha appeared to him and asked him to chant over water and give the water to his disciples for healing purposes. When his disciples bathed with the water, they were cured of their illnesses, their karma were purified and their life was extended. When the water was poured into ponds, it was found that the fishes in the pond could live for a long time.

Luang Phor Toll had over 10,000 students. He was very good at preaching Dharma and he requested his students to become vegetarian. He opened about 10 schools in Thailand. He lived until 103 years old.

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