Luang Phor Yu, Wat Tam

Luang Phor Yu

Luang Phor Yu of Wat Tam became a monk at a very young age and was a devotee of Green Tara, once of the many forms of Kuan Yin. Whenever he prayed, Green Tara was always behind him. Lotuses would appear to bring lost souls to the pure land.

When he was in Burma, about twelve robbers wanted to kill him. He started chanting “OM MANI PADME HUM”. Suddenly, the robbers were blinded by a bright light and he could escape. In another occasion, he fell from a high place but the ground before him turned into white cotton, cushioning his fall and he walked away unhurt. There were many witnesses to this incident.

He saved the life of the King once when he was in the King’s service. The horse which the King was riding while playing polo suddenly lost control. He immediately started praying and used the power of his aura to calm the horse down before the horse could throw the King off.

Luang Phor Yu passed away at the age of 69.

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