Incense that could not burn completely

Incense that could not burn completely

When I first moved into my new home, I noticed that the incense that I lighted as an offering to the Buddha could not burn completely. They burned for a while and then fizzle out half way through. A friend told me that this may be because the Buddha has not moved into the house with us yet.

I asked Master Tony Chew about it and he told me not to worry. He explained that the offerings are purifying the negativities in the house and congratulated me. I was using the circular type of incense but I did not tell Master this. However, when I asked him the question, he made some circular motions with his hands to represent the incense. He appeared to be able to see the incense in my home with his physic ability.

The most amazing thing is that after asking Master about this problem, all the incense that I offered to the Buddha managed to burn completely.

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