Visions at Master Tony Chew’s Center

There is something special at Master Tony’s center because when I meditate there, I tend to get vivid visions like I am in a dream except that I am fully aware and awake. While meditating, I had a vision of a crystal clear diamond. When I asked Master Tony about it, he explained that it was a good sign as it indicated that my wisdom was growing.

In another occasion, I saw a beautiful golden statue of the thousand hands Kuan Yin and in a separate vision, a giant statue of the Buddha with many small Buddha statues rotating around the big statue.

I once brought a monk’s robe to the first level in the center for chanting. In the middle of the session, I saw sparks floating up from the robe with my naked eye (not in my mind). I thought that someone must have sprinkled silver dusts on the robe but knew that I was wrong when the sparks subsequently disappeared.

Once while chanting in the center, I saw in my mind, many monks walking into the center out of nowhere. They then sat down to chant with us. I found out later that Master asked the parents of a young girl to join our chanting session. The girl had spirits disturbing her and I guess the monks came to help her. I asked Master Tony about it and he explained that the monks are from the Amitabha Pure Land and that many others have had visions of the monks in the past.

One comment

  1. Master Tony himself is a wonderful God sent human to the earth. Just see he is always smiling and never gets angry even if you ask him a stupid question. Trust him and surely whatever you ask will granted to you.
    God Bless

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