Luang Phor Ming Tern

Luang Phor Ming Tern

Luang Phor Ming Tern was a Burmese monk and was born to a rich family. His mother suffered greatly because his father kept a mistress and due of this, he disliked promiscuous women and those who go after married men.

LP Ming TernWhen he grew up, he became a monk in Wat Rakai and had a teacher who was already an arhant. He learnt chanting, meditation and various mudras from his master.

He eventually became popular and gave Dharma talks in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. He could meditate very well and achieved enlightenment at the age of 35. After becoming an arhant, he felt that his energy was different. He did not have any anger, greed, attachment, jealousy and other negative emotions.

He moved from village to village to preach the Dharma. During the time, the army was exploiting the people and he spoke against them. When he gave talks, more than a million people attended. His popularity became a concern to the army and they plotted to assassinate him.

One day, the army forced a village chief to invite Luang Phor Ming Tern for an offering ceremony. Luang Phor accepted the invitation and came along with 108 monks. After everyone had their meal, a hidden army officer aimed his gun at Luang Phor with the intention of assassinating him. However, before the assassin could fire his gun, he vaporized suddenly.

Luang Phor already knew about the plot to assassinate him but he was unafraid because he knew that he could not be killed as he was an arhant.

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